14 Tips to prepare your home for severe weather

Severe weather can cause destruction at any time. It is important to prepare your home and family from such calamities. Take the time to equip and defend yourself from such natural disasters. Stay prepared and alert, so that you can be evacuated as soon as possible during storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

1. Relocate important belongings

Store your valuables away from doors or windows. For better safety, keep them upstairs. 

2. Check your roof

Strong winds could blow off your roof. Inspect your attic to ensure that it is in good condition with no cracks or holes.

3. Prepare your windows

A severe storm could shatter your windows and cause a lot of damage to the house. Use thick slabs of plywood on your window, to protect your home.

4. Turn off the water valve

Turn off the main water source at your house before a storm, to prevent flooding.

5. Turn off the main electrical supply

Turn off the electricity from the circuit breaker panel. This is most likely to be in your garage.

6. Seal outdoor electrical outlets

To prevent electrocution during storms, use a foam sealant, to restrict water from entering the sockets.

7. Invest in a fire extinguisher

Is your area prone to severe weather? Investing in fire extinguishers could be life-saving. Ensure you keep it in a spot that’s easy to reach. Check the pressure gauge frequently to ensure it is in working condition.

8. Clear out your rain gutters

A blocked rain gutter could lead to severe flooding. Make sure you clean out your gutters so that water can flow out quickly, away from the house.

9. Store outdoor machinery inside

Move cords, furniture, grills, etc inside your house to prevent them from being thrown away during a storm.

10. Trim the trees

Make sure the trees around your house or in your backyard are well maintained. Doing this will ensures that severe damage is not done during storms.

11. Check Your Insurance Policies

If you live in an area that’s prone to severe weather, it is a good idea to invest in insurance. Find the right coverage to make up for losses during disasters. Document your belongings, so that the necessary compensation can be received.

12. Invest in Steel Doors

High winds can destroy your home, especially when you have wooden doors. You can also add metal structures to wooden doors to support the panel between the two sides.

13. Disconnect antennas 

Always remember to remove antennas from the roof of your house before storms or while leaving for an evacuation. Doing this can prevent further loss of property.

14. Secure outdoor structures 

Ensure that all larger structures like sheds, playhouses, dog houses, and swings are secured. This prevents them from getting blown off during storms.

If you live in a disaster-prone area, it is about time you start preparing to safeguard your life. Use these tips to protect your home, family, and property during natural disasters.

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