How essential is zodiac sign compatibility in a relationship? Find out!

Are you one of those people whose favorite question on a first date is, “What’s your sun sign?” If yes, then here’s what you should consider in your date’s zodiac sign:

Understand your lover’s zodiac

While all the characteristics may not add up, it is better to be safe than sorry. Learning more about your potential lover’s sun sign will help you to protect your heart. But first, educate yourself on how your sun sign responds to both friendships and romance.

Opposites do attract

When it comes to elements, opposites attract. Avoid exclusively judging similar sun signs. Energies need to be balanced. If you are a watery sign and attract someone with the same sign, there’s a possibility you could drown in a pool of tears together. Generally, a good rule of sun sign compatibility: A fire sign with a water sign. An air sign with an earth sign.

Know more about Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Not just yours, get to know more about your lover’s Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs as well.

  • The sun is the way you see yourself and the main sign
  • The moon is your subconscious and your emotions
  • The rising sign is how your personality presents the world

The vibes found in this trio explain a lot about yourself and who you’re attracting.

For example, let’s assume you’re a Leo sun, but a Virgo rising. So far you may have been living a Virgo life: hardworking, patient and faithful; and haven’t let your Leo out yet. That is when you may start attracting Leos to help you find ways to set free yours.

By attracting someone, you will soon realize how their signs interact with yours and bring out the best or worst in you. In the process, teaching you a lesson or two.

If you want to know about how you love, consider learning about your Venus sign.

Sun signs do matter, just like anything else: Is he a cat person? Is she a gym freak? Do you have similar music choices? These are all clues to test compatibility but are never certain. Therefore, do your research, but also believe you in your gut feeling (and your heart).

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