Gemini & Scorpio: The Two Most Stereotyped Zodiac Signs

You heard that right - sign-shaming is a thing. If you happen to be a Gemini or a Scorpio, a casual conversation can quickly turn uncomfortable after that ill-fated question, “What sign are you?”

A Gemini will often be accused of being a two-faced liar. Scorpios are similarly unfairly hated and/or misunderstood. Read on to know more about the prejudice these zodiac signs face and why.

Myth: Geminis are untrustworthy/ two-faced

Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, may be to blame for the misconception. As the original trickster God in both the Greek and Roman pantheons, Mercury loves to play with our perceptions of things and mess with our heads. But don’t underestimate Gemini’s planetary ruler for his love of playing pranks. Mercury is also very powerful- he’s the only God in mythology who can travel between Olympus, the Earth, and the underworld. As such, Geminis bridge the gaps that exist between us. Their ability to communicate with people at different levels is what makes them unique. This flexibility can sometimes be misconstrued as flakiness, which is more our fault than theirs. Geminis can also appreciate grey areas over straight black-and-white answers, and because they accumulate so much information, some facts may get misfiled or reordered.

Myth: Scorpios are scary

As a fluid water sign, Scorpio is hard to pin down, and its associated traits of secretiveness, possessiveness, and obsession tend to attract unsolicited judgment.

Scorpio’s symbol - the scorpion, a poisonous creature and the ruling planet - Pluto, named for the Roman God of the underworld, is probably why people have misgivings about this sign.

Scorpio’s association with death and poison may dampen people’s enthusiasm, but just like winter turns to spring, with death comes new life. That transformation and cyclical nature of the universe is powerful, and ultimately, it is conflict, death, and danger that allow us to appreciate peace, new beginnings, and health.

It’s important to remember that zodiac signs are not meant to be generalizations of entire groups of people. We need to appreciate and learn from our differences rather than be dismissive of them.

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