Tarot Card Tips For Beginners

You must be super excited to get to know the ins and outs of the Tarot now that you’ve got your first set of cards! On taking the cards out of the box, you notice that there are a lot of cards, and the little booklet that comes with them isn't all that helpful. Don’t let this overwhelm you - take things step-by-step. Follow these tips to become a pro at reading tarot cards:

Buy the tarot cards you like

“You can’t buy your own cards” - don’t believe this myth! An archaic rule suggests that by spending your own money on tarot cards, you might not read the cards right. This isn’t true. It is recommended to use a deck of cards that you like, a deck that you feel a connection to. There are different decks out there to fit every interest. You could even create your own cards!

Make the cards uniquely yours

Find a nice box where you can only keep your cards in, put the deck in a special pouch, keep the box in a prominent place at home and spend a few minutes each day just shuffling the cards. There’s no right and wrong here, no matter what you choose to do. You just need to be comfortable with the cards you choose to use. It is also advised to keep the cards away from the others and only allow them to touch the cards when they’re shuffling. Everyone has their own energy and you wouldn’t want to mix too many on the cards you use.


Temper your expectations- this is the first thing you should do when you bring your deck of cards home. No matter how many video tutorials you watch or how many books you read, it will take you some time to get familiar with your deck. If it were all just rote memorization, it might be easier, but learning to read Tarot cards is about discerning nuance and finding connections. Give yourself room to make mistakes while learning this challenging new skill.

Leave room for your own card interpretations too

The more you read up on the Tarot, the sooner you’ll realize that every author has their own interpretation of what each card means. Although each card has some keywords that most experts agree on, you still might find contradicting information. Also, each card will have a different meaning depending on where and how it appears in your spread. View the keywords as parameters to analyze what the cards mean and then closely examine the cards to decide what it means on a personal level. Choose a card and meditate on its meaning- keep a journal where you record your own thoughts and the traditional meaning of each card. This will help you establish a stronger tie with each card.

Learn a basic spread and proceed from there

Don’t try to read a spread of 10 cards before you can read one that is only made up of 3. You might feel like filling an entire table with cards to impress your family and friends but keep in mind that reading the Tarot requires you to be able to use the meaning of each card to tell a story that makes sense to the person you are reading it for. Hence, it is recommended to start with something small.

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