Your Mars sign could influence how you act when you’re mad!

Did you know that your Mars sign speaks volumes about how you express your anger (or not)? Read this Mars guide to get a better understanding of how you lose your temper or how you could control your anger a bit more:

Mars in Aries

When expressing anger, you take the direct approach and never shy away from confrontation. Your temper might flare fast, but it also dissipates quickly. You prefer handling a confrontation in person and don’t hesitate to go directly to the source. Your anger style is to rarely hold a grudge but to give an angry earful to the person who has offended you.

Mars in Taurus

Before blowing your stack, you can patiently endure a lot of drama. Slow to react and generally stable, people might take your patience and calm demeanor for granted. Messing with the bull eventually gets you the horns! You hold your ground stubbornly once angered. Your seismic blow-ups are rare but epic.

Mars in Gemini

You are known for button-pushing and provoking. When angered, you lash out with cutting remarks and land on your opponent’s weak spot. Expressing anger is more like a sport that you excel at with your intellect-, but be careful- don’t play too mean! You eventually crack jokes and laugh it off once you're bored of the argument.

Mars in Cancer

When hurt or offended, you tend to withdraw into your shell. You generally become defensive against personal attacks or slights on the family. You feel extra sensitive when angry, and before facing a confrontation, you might need time to gain your composure. Those who invade your personal space might become victims of your crab claws!

Mars in Leo

You demand honesty and respect in your relationships- disloyal people will hear you roar. You tend to retaliate by rising to a higher level if you have been wronged. You will outdress and outclass your opponents. The only problem is that it is at times hard for you to let go of the toxic stuff.

Mars in Virgo

Since you are analytical and practical, you think before acting. You prefer to carefully address all layers of an argument and talk out your grievances. You may blow off steam by organizing and cleaning your way back to a calmer state. You let others sort out their mess- that’s your greatest punishment to them!

Mars in Libra

You have a hard time with arguments. You like to stay balanced in messy confrontations, so you try to negotiate a resolution before you get mad. Just to keep the peace, you tend to surrender to the other side. This doesn’t get you anywhere! Although you say “it’s okay”, sometimes it’s not- and that is acceptable too.

Mars in Scorpio

When wronged, you withdraw into silence. When dealing with anger, you play a long game and pick your moment for confrontation. When mulling over an offense, you prefer to take your time. Generally, it is hard for you to shake an angry mood- you also tend to hold a grudge for a long time. To restore your trust, a sincere apology works wonders!

Mars in Sagittarius

You can’t hold back when it comes to speaking your truth. Delivered with conviction, passion, and fire, your anger style is brutally honest. Once you’ve said what you wanted to, you continue to see the best in others- you love life too much to hold a grudge. However, it is always better to hear out the other side too.

Mars in Capricorn

When angry, you default to logic and reason. Grounded and cool, you handle confrontations by judging all sides of an argument, like a court in session. You make it very evident when you are disappointed with someone. Do you know what’s more intense than yelling? Your serious tone!

Mars in Aquarius

When others are losing their cool, you may pride yourself on staying detached and aloof. However, under this intellectual exterior, anger that is hard to admit to and express might be brewing. Feelings of anger may be projected onto others to deal with it in the open.

Mars in Pisces

You can take a long time to tune into feeling angry. Being a natural empath, you tend to absorb the anger of others. However, you need to identify which feelings truly belong to you. Sadness, vulnerability and other potent feelings color your anger style. Before you would ever dare yell, you might cry! Others might only know that you are angry when you are extra quiet, moody or absent.

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